Aurland Photography to offer Norway Photo Tours in 2020

It’s been a busy summer and now as autumn draws in, we are planning new and exciting things for 2020! Our plans include offering for the first time, guided Photo Tours here in west Norway.

Norway has received a lot of exposure as a destination in recent years on social media and in the press. As a result, many of the ‘instagrammable’ destinations such as Trolltunga and Preikestolen are fast becoming overcrowded and almost impossible to photograph in a satisfying way for most visitors.

We know that many of you are also interested in seeking out the quieter, lesser known, but equally beautiful locations that exist in their thousands here in Norway. Thankfully - it is just that very few have discovered them yet.

In 2020, we aim to offer 3 day (or longer if that is something you might be interested in!) Photo Tours based close to Norway’s longest fjord, Sognefjord, with accommodation away from the crowds and the opportunity to get close to nature and experience the best of Norway’s coast and fjord landscapes.

We aim to make these tours small, sustainable and personal. Our group size will be ideally a maximum of four people at a time.

If this is something of interest to you, then please get in touch! On the website menu, please click on ‘Photo Tours’ and leave us a message. We will also publish more details soon.